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to fred, yes panic attacks often run in families, my maternal grandmother had them and a son of my sister now has them

zoloft type meds often make us more anxious and panicky for a while, some valium would help and its a pity your doc apparently didnt give you any

zoloft at the lower dose for a while will be OK but the starter packs usually dont last long enough to see whether the med will work properly, can take 4 weeks or so to work properly

when anxious it helps a lot to relax as much as you can and avoid tensing up and fighting back against the anxiety, accept it and breathe deep and slow, avoid rapid shallow panting and avoid holding your breath :rolleyes:

Thanks for the information. I failed to mention that my dr did prescribe me some Valium. 2mg for 14 days. I have been cutting them in half and taking 1mg before bed and this seems to get me to sleep. I have tried to resist taking them. I have taken total of 1.5 pills. I don't know if 1mg is enugh to do anything, maybe it's in my mind. I am a bit afraid of taking it during the day as I don't want it to affect my work. Also, I'm afraid that if i keep taking them on a regular basis I'll run out and still need more time for the Zoloft to kick in. Perhaps my dr would write me another prescription.

When I feel my hearbeat(this is usually my biggest symptom) I begin to wonder about all of those things that could be wrong. I know that is must be anxiety, but it is hard to convince me of that. I feel as if my dr may have missed something, but I suppose this is typical of my situation. Since being on Zoloft 25mg, I have not had a full blown panic attack. I am still on edge and worry a lot, I hope this gets better. I used to have some beers at night to take off the edge, but my first panic attack came while having a few one night and I haven't touched one since. Went from 3-4 beers a night to nothing for almost 2 months. I wonder if this contributes to anxiety as well?

I must say that the folks on these boards are very kind and it really helps to read this information. Thank you for sharing.