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Hi, this is my first time here...i'm pretty much freaking out that i might have ALS. Last year i noticed a mild vibrating in the pubic area (sorry) and it didn't last very long, so i shrugged it off. But i was also noticing other changes, like a strange drowsiness at night, and a slowing of my breathing, accompanied by a quick, sharp chest pain as i dozed off. i also would get an odd, gnawing, almost tickley feeling in toe or sometimes foot, always at night. Just recently, the vibrating has gone to my legs, and now sometimes my whole body. it can get pretty strong, like a motor idling. Also, that odd feeling in my toe (like the feeling you get when novacaine starts to wear off....inflammed, tickley feeling) started being in my legs and all over. Not as often as the vibrating though, which is almost everyday now. There are times that i feel weak and just real BAD. Believe me, i'm HOPiNG this is emotional!! i AM going through menopause, and have recently moved in with my elderly father and picky (but nice) sister. i'll admit being very nervous. At times, i feel so anxious it makes me cry, like when my daughter rides her motor scooter, etc. i have also suffered from asthma since being here, and was exposed to large amounts of mold, last year at my old, woodland apt. Yet, i can't help worrying about ALS....other day, i thought i'd left my car on, but it was ME, vibrating! i'm so scared......any thoughts?? Oh, a half valium often does make the vibrating better. Thanks so much, for any info, as i'm uninsured.