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Yes I am a anxious person and it is a life long issue, peaks and valleys of it. I have taken benzos from time to time as prescribed when going through yet another personal crisis.

I have had issues in the past with being unable to take a deep breath and of course keep on trying over and over which makes it worse. This will occur every few months or longer and is a signal that something is bothering me subconsciously or am going through a stressor at that time.

But this latest thing is worse then that because it is involved with eating. Even just one thing. I found myself trying to eat a small meal a few weeks ago and experiencing that sensation that I could not take a deep breath. So I stopped eating and tried to calm myself which was hopeless because I was panicking over the fact that I couldn't breathe normally..trying to slow it by deep breathing made it worse. Now of course, this happens everytime I try and eat and of course dread it each time. If I take a small dose of Valium, 2mg., and wait about an hour( an hour filled with complete panic), then I can manage the food. I also use a 30 minutes anti-stress meditation CD at the same time although often I cannot lay still for the 30 minutes. It does work when I can.

Is this a phobia now or what? I very upset over this latest turn of events...would appreciate any help....thank you, Solange