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:bouncing: Now I can tell my mom I don't have a tumor in my head :bouncing: I still don't know what is wrong with me though. I so thought I was going to have a bunch of crud in my sinuses, because I have felt rotten since the end of Jan.

Over a year ago I was told by my PCP that I have TMJ, so he gave me valium to take, I took it sporadically, and it did help, when I felt better, stopped taking it. Went to a dentist who supposedly specialized in TMJ disorder, she wanted to adjust my bite and give me a mouthguard, insurance denied both.
Since she did very little to check my bite, I won't trust her, so dentist shopping here.

I had a virus at the end of Jan., led to dizzy feeling, lots of pain and pressure in face, frequent headaches and has stayed with me. I seem to sleep on my neck wrong alot, because I always have a stiff neck. Ears hurt horribly. My teeth do not hurt at all. I've been having panic attacks, not sure why. I thought because of all the pressure in my face and the dizzy feeling magnifying??

We have military dental insurance, which basically says, TMJ, you're on your own. $350 splint, if they would allow it I'd pay half, bite adjustment not covered. I'm so sad, can't take Motrin or aspirin and have no good painkillers, and I'm too spaced out to take them if they were available.