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I am so sorry to hear you have been feeling these same symptoms....I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

How did they diagnose this...that is the $64,000 question. I had been seeing an ENT because at first the symptoms were associated with pressure on the left side of my head that seemed to be relieved when I would lay on my right side and the sinus es would shrink on the left. He thought it maybe cause by a deviated septum, but he also performed an ENG. That was horrible! The ENG revealed that all was normal. He gave me meclizine and I had an MRI taken to rule out anything else. The MRI was nromal and meclizine offered zero relief. The room doesn't spin, but I bob and weave and feel off balance all the time.

I went to see a Balance specialist at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. He did a CT scan of both ears and said it appeared that I had a slightly enlarged cochlear aqueduct that may be allowing too much spinal fluid carry the signal from the inner ear to the brain. He prescribed Diamox at 1000mg per day. Unfortunately my stomach could only handle 500mg per day, but I did get some slight benefit in the offbalance, but the rockking persisted. He still feels I need to get the Diamox to a higher level to see the benefit. He also referred me to a otonuerologist at The Ohio State Medical Center.

The doctor at OSU looked at my MRI and said that it appeared that I have a loop in my blood vessel around the vestibular nerve that may be causing the rythmic senstation. It seemed to make sense to me because the more strenuous activities I do the worse it gets. Bending over causing things to really bob. He suggested that the Diamox may work for this even though his diagnoses was different because the Diamox reduces spinal fluid and may reduce the pressure around the blood vessel and vestibular nerve. He wants me to try to get to 1000mg to at least see if it works, but he's not sold on the Diamox approach. He said low doses of Valium can be used to dull the nerve.

The worst part is that no one has really come out and said they know what is causing the problem. Sleeping is really difficult and depression is starting to set in. After 8 months I feel like this is what life is going to be. Any suggestions? How are you feeling now?