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Yeah Dana, I was not too happy either. I was like there is no way your putting a mask over my face and sticking me in there! She said alot of people cant do it, so I dont feel too bad. But she did tell me to go get a valium from my doctor so it will relax me, so I went by there and he wrote me out a prescription, so I really will be taking that before I go do that tomorrow. I hear about people getting an MRI done all they time, but I didnt know it was so scarry. Maybe im a chicken..... So you have NOTHING wrong with your brain at all internally? But you have so many issues.... Well I am glad that your doing good today, every is a challenge...
No, there's nothing wrong with my brain....just migraines and TMJ (allergies and sinusitis)...scary migraines, I'll grant you...we've gone to the ER before and met the neurologist who has wondered if I was having a stroke because the symptoms were backwards, but no, just migraines (when you scare the neurologist, that's not a good thing). I think he's run every test on me there is to run, it's all normal (I guess that's relative, but the tests came back normal). :) I'm actually getting to a good place now I think...if the weather will just cooperate a little. Even with the weather, I'm just running at a 5-7 migraine that can eventually be knocked out with meds for 8 hours or so. Big improvement over where I was a year and a half ago.

I don't think you're a chicken because of the MRI. I did ok the first time I had one...freaked out this time because I had had one before and didn't want to go back in. The valium will help, but depending on the dose, I don't know that you will be able to do anything else that day. My dose was strong...knocked me out of commission for the day. Wish I could remember the milligrams.