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Quote from dale2004:
Thanks for your replies. I have had severe neck pain and hyperacusis (sensitivity to noise) for years. My ENT specialist said that I have no ear infection but has given me white noise generators to help desensitise the hyperacusis. I've been wearing them for almost two years now and they have helped a lot. My worst pain at the minute seems to be my teeth. I had a really big abscess infection a few months ago and since had 4 teeth removed. However, the pain is still there with an excruciating ache right down and the left side of my lower jaw. My dentist took a look at it this morning and said she can't see anything wrong with the teeth themselves but one of the sockets may be slightly infected so she packed it and gave me antibiotics. She said it may also be a symptom of TMJ but I hope the antibiotics will solve this because I don't think this the type of pain I can learn to live with.

Do you find that dental work makes you feel worse? I started to feel a little better a few weeks ago and then I had a straightforward cleaning of my teeth by my dentist and afterwards I was in excruciating pain which hasn't really settled down. I sometimes thought I was been a bit of a hypochondriac thinking I have pain after a simple clean but the pain is real and quite severe. I have also wondered that I might have a mild form of TN as I have heard stories about people with TN having loads of their teeth extracted only to find that the pain was still there. I just can't believe this is actually happening and really don't know who to turn to.

Heidi, you mentioned not to let anybody make me a splint without imaging first. What do you mean? What is imaging?


Hi there - I hope your problems are an infection too, because I think the path of TMD is a long and very winding road. I have been diagnosed with severe TMD with both bone and joint degeneration, anterior open bite, and severe muscle tension related to all this. My pains are now down to a chronic dull ache in both jaw joints (much better than the sharp stabbing pains I was getting before splint therapy), headaches - especially tension headaches starting at the temples and radiating around the head like a band, neck pain, shoulder pain, jaw popping/clicking, limited oral opening and achy teeth & sinuses. However, I also have fibromyalgia and many of these symptoms go hand in hand with that condition.

I know what you mean about agony after a dental visit. Holding my mouth in an open position, and usually having to force beyond what I could really open created severe head pain for me for at least a day. Now based on my ortho's recommendations, I take a valium the night before and the day of a dental appointment - my ortho swears it's an excellent muscle relaxer. When I tried it this last time, I could really tell the difference - I didn't even need the bite block to keep my mouth open like I usually do.

I've been in a hard acrylic upper splint 24/7 since Oct. '03. Although my anterior open bite has opened even more, the ortho is pleased because it means the lower jaw is moving back and up into the right place (my joints were anteriorly displaced on both sides). This is all part of Phase I - Phase II will not occur until my bite/alignment are considered stable and I'm symptom-free.

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