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Glad everything went so well with the oral surgeon! You will feel so much better after you have all your work completed.

The partial boney extraction is not a big deal - it just means that part of the tooth is under the bone. This makes the extraction a bit more complex, but not much. It will mean very little to you. You are gettin off easy with the other 3 being erupted ;) That side may be a little more sore, but still very easily controlled with meds. All 6 (thats right - two extra on the bottom) were impacted and I lived through the experience no problem. Went out to dinner that night (I didn't have any sedation, so I wasn't at all groggy) and was back to my regular routine the next day, except for working out. So don't get hung up on the "partial boney extraction."

As for the IV sedation, if you are one to get nervous, go for it. It is basically valium or versed and a bit of a painkiller. You may or may not have much recollection of what goes on, but either way you will not care what they do to you. Another option is NO, which works quite well too. You can get a valium for the night before if you need help to sleep, and then one to take before your appointment and have NO and it will be very effective as well. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick the valium and NO as I would be much more relaxed before the appointment and would not have to metabolize so many drugs after surgery and would be less groggy after.

As for any tips, just follow your OS's instructions. Make sure to take your pain meds BEFORE the lidocaine wears off so you are not fighting an uphill battle. And make sure you eat ALL your favorite foods. I personally ate enough chocolate (ice cream, candy, milk, everything) to satisfy a normal person for a year! Be gentle, and a week later, you will look back and wonder what the big deal was.

Good luck - try not to worry too much. You will do just fine!