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First of all I want to say hello. I wish I had found this site sooner. I underwent ACDF of c5 and c6 4 days ago. For the last three months I coulden't sleep more that a few hours before waking in pain, and it controlled my thoughts almost every waking moment. The surgery was preformed by Dr. Shawn Henery of The Texas Back Institute in Ft. Worth Texas. I can honstely say that the pain was gone immedately after surgery. Other than a sore throat that lasted about 48 hours and expected soreness in the incision area I am doing great. I have had some numbness in my right arm today but nothing major. I had all the same fears others here have stated, but other than this Aspen collar Dr. Henery insists I wear 24/7 I have no regrets. I haven't had any trouble sleeping ( valium works wonders) or eating. It was wonderfull to read others stories here and I wanted to share mine. I am a father of two wonderfull kids a 3yo daughter and a 1yo son. It is hard not to be able to hold them but I will make up for it when I am well. I will update this as I progress, but I wanted people to know that for me so far It has been a very positive expreince.