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I had ACDF C6-7 on Nov 6 03 with a plate and cadaver bone. My pain never really stopped throughout the entire year. My x-rays showed that I had fused on the bottom, and not as well on the top. My NS retired during this time so began the shuffle. Finally I landed in the lap of a REAL NS who did more x-rays and another mri, only to find that during the first surgery the NS did not remove a bone spur from the root Canal. She determined that this was most likley the cause of the severe pain and that occasional movement in the graft site was probably not as severe.
On 14 Sep 04 I went back in for the SECOND time for an ACDF C6-7 using my own hip bone. We came in from the other side (left) so she could reach the Spur.
After nearly two years of pain meds (vicodin, codeine, valium, etc....) I'm down to tylenol.
Nearly all the pain You describe is the same as mine save the chin. Some will take time to go away.
My advice is dont take no for an answer on the pain meds. and dont be afraid of the surgery . The prospect of feeeling better was worth the risks the first time (true?) What's changed?

I too WAS a smoker.... we have to quit