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Hello, although I have not had any cervical surgery, just going for the ESIs, I get the chest/ribs, shoulder, neck & upper back spasms. I have to say the chest is the worst. It can feel like you are having a massive heart attack & can scare the day lights out of you. I have found that certain days all it takes for me is to just move a certain way & it will trigger them or if I over do it that day or the day before.
I was wondering if you could share how you feel when you get those spasms. Its not to often I run into someone with then in the area. I know for me I have to stop what ever I am doing & put heat or ice on along with med if I can take that at the time. It can send my heartrate up if it is let go or gets to bad. I have had PTs comment on how it will actually look swollen in the chest area & how it can or has stayed in spasm.
I always say I think I could handle all of this pain better if it was not in that left chest wall. My PM doc has me on valium for it, I dont take much do to being tired but it does tend to help thus far, I am sure there are other meds that woudl also help but I will stick with that for now. There are days where I dont need it if I am home & other things are at my finger tips.
So I do feel for you, I hope you get some relief, good luck, Sammy