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I had my lavage (joint rinsing) on Sept 30.
Basically, they had me on valium and nitrous oxide. They they inject novocaine directly into your joint (from the outside) and then insert a needle with fluid to "rinse" the joint. This is supposed to open up the area enough to hopefully allow the displaced disc to slide back into place. All the while, he's manipulating the jaw until it POPS into place. During the procedure he had me open to 51mm (after the POP). After the procedure I was at 30mm. So we think my disc IMMEDIATELY went back out of place, even though they put me right into the splints.
The procedure was painful, b/c the rinsing causes immense pressure that gas and valium don't take away. Afterwards was rough for several days.
Since then (a month now), I have been seeing a physical therapist 2x a week. She does electrical stimulation, ultrasound and manipulation. She is located in Dr. Cohen's office. I am now opening to 35mm on my own, and about 38mm after my sessions with her. (I was at 25mm before the whole procedure). They will be satisfied if they can get me to 40.
SO I am doing better, however my disc is still displaced. I am wearing a splint 24-7 (upper at night, lower during the day). I can now take the splint out to eat (about 3 weeks after procedure) and I'm starting to eat some real foods again. Meat is pretty iffy, but I ate a small carrot today! During the first few weeks, I ate noodles, smoothies and cream of wheat and that's about it.
The splint is getting annoying at this point, but I will see the Dr. on Nov. 10 and hopefully he'll start letting me take it out more hours each day.
I still have pain. If I talk too much my jaw hurts. And my back teeth no longer touch, which is a concern to me I must bring up witht he doc.
All together, this entire thing (Xrays, MRI's, prescriptions, visits, PT, splints and procedure) has run me over 10k. Luckily, my insurance picked up 80%. (Blue Cross Preferred Plan, $500 deductible, one-year preexisting condition waiting period). Dr. Cohen's splints are $1200 for each (upper and lower), $420 for initial visit, several grand for the rinsing, etc.
Dr. Cohen's staff is wonderful and understanding. They really show interest in you and your healing process.
So, I am looking forward to NOV 10 when I found out what's next. If he wants to try any more procedures, I will be seeking a second opinion.

JUULIE: who in Tucson did you see? My family lives there and I was thinking of seeking a second opinion (if needed) there!

I hope this answers most of the questions ...