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they all sound like panic attacks to me, lots of info on panic attacks on the net
you wont faint :)
fear of fainting or feeling that you will or should faint during a panic attack is common but it doesnt happen

ask a bookshop for any books on overcoming agoraphobia or panic disorder, an anxiety attack and a panic attack are the same thing

if another one happens, breathe deep and slow, especially avoid rapid shallow panting, relax and accept it, dont tense up or fight back against it, and wait a while, it will soon pass

the best meds, IMO are valium type, a small insurance dose can be taken with an extra tablet disolved under the tongue at the start of a panic attack

sadly many docs have been brainwashed to prescribe an antidepressant only for your problems, you may need to try several docs to get a valium type med, xanax is promoted for panic attacks but also used by drug addicts, so ask for any valium type med and let doc decide which
Thanks for your great advice. I'll definitely look into valium... I've been taking St. Johns Wort... I dont' know how effective it is. I took some this morning and was having a great day... and then by late afternoon something triggered feelings of anxiety, but not an attack.

It's good to know I'm not going to faint... I can't fathom the thought of collapsing in isle 6 of the grocery store! Eep!
Hello, excellent thread. The exact thing happens to me and the advice given was good, slow deep breathes, stand your ground, do not fight it. A valium or xanax dissolved under the tongue should take it out in about 8 minutes, but think twice about using these drugs on a daily basis as you can get addicted to them. In fact panic attacks are a withdrawal symptom from these drugs. Never had the first one until I tried to come off Xanax. I have been off these kinds of drugs for going on 7 weeks now and still have problems, including, you guessed it, panic attacks. Usually over about nothing. Am now learning to deal with them. If worse comes to worse I can take a small dose of a beta blocker, this lowers the heartrate and blood pressure. Is all it addresses...