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You can be anonymous and post to a psychologist, and he responds quickly.

There are dental offices that will sedate you, so you can sleep through an appointment. Have someone call around for you and take you there. They can put you under and clean your teeth, fill a tooth or two, and even take out the impacted wisdom tooth too. Sound good?

My friend has to take a Valium before his appts, but then he's fine after he gets there. He's just apprehensive about the appt.

You are not alone....get more information!

Good luck and take care!
I know how you feel. I get so stressed I can't sleep before an appt. and had a migraine headache brought on by stress while I was having my teeth cleaned. I can't take sedating meds but if you can, take Valium or something similar before going and see if it doesn't help. The panic attack from the Novacaine could be the epinephrine in it. It makes my heart race like I am having a panic attack and it also irritates my bladder. Ask for Carbocaine or Polocaine w/o epinephrine and see if that isn't better.
It would probably help to have an understanding dentist which I don't. I tell him I am terrified and he just looks at me like I am stupid.

My fear of having a tooth pulled comes from having been taken to the dentist as a child and the dentist pulling my front teeth w/o me being told what he was doing. Imagine my humilitation when I saw what he had done and had to face people without teeth. Most horrifying experience of my young life.
Also, I passed out from having Novacaine when I was a child and that has added to my fears. I am a senior citizen now and know I will always have this fear but I hope you can overcome yours. Good luck!