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I had the same jerks when I would doze off, and your right... they do scare the hell out of ya!.. Mine kind of just went away after a month or two. They gave me Flexeril and it did not do crap for me. I use Norflex now and 2.5 MG valium at times to ease the muscle spasms now. I never take them together and use the valium for quicker results, say if I ride four wheeler or something like that and get sore. In fact, I have found that it is better to take something before I get involved in something that I suspect may flare things up.

You have a long road ahead, but it will slowly get better. The last thing they told me at the N.S. office was that ANY new activity, no matter how trivial, will bring on some discomfort. I always keep that in mind and it helps me reason why I might hurt on any given day.