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My son had botox for adductors when he was about that age..it worked. The intense PT in the window of opportunity helped to stregthen his muscles. They do use a topical anethesia, and it was uncomfortable, but worth it.

The doc might also consider valium, as my son's did, for the day of the procedure. There is usually more than one botox session...several months apart. It take a week or so before you see it starting to work.

It isn't a cure by any means, but it sure helped...am thinking about mentioning it again. I've know many people with cp who have had botox and no long lasting bad effects....in fact, even the good results are not as long lasting
as I would have liked. It is so important to have a really good PT regime so the muscles can strenghten. Have you done some research on it? There is lots of info on the net. As far as her not wanting to do it...I don't blame her...the best I can suggest is to give her an idea of what the benefits would be. The discomfort for a few days may well be worth it. It's a young age to have to figure out how to compare the pros and cons of a procedure, but learning how to do so could be a valuable skill for her to begin learning.

Good luck!