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ASHEA, I am so sorry to hear all this is going on in your life I speak from much experience, I have had panic attacks for a very, very, very long time and they seem to rule my life...I can not help you on how to calm down and relax because I am still looking for that help myself.. But one thing I can tell you is that, if this is panic attacks it will not hurt your baby, I have 3 beautiful healty children and had SEVERE panic attacks the whole time I was pregnant with all 3, heart racing 100 to 120 times per minute, felt like I could not breathe at all, dizzy, trembling...Just wanted to add this also, I noticed that you said the doctor took you off your meds ? Did you stop cold turkey are did he gradually take you off, because if you were on xanax valium, paxil or something to this effect you could also be experiencing withdrawl from these meds...Just a thought also, When you lay on your right side for several minutes I have noticed that my heart will calm back down, So you might want to try that..I will be thinking about you cause my heart goes out to anyone with Panic attacks..