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Thanks Dave

I believe some of my increased pain is just the progression of my problem. But at this point, my only option is joint replacement and my surgeon feels I am not a candidate for that at this point. He does not want to operate on me again unless he knows he can improve things and not cause further damage. I already have nerve damage and that prevented my doc from doing arthrocentethis again. He felt it could cause more damage than do any good. Joint replacement is not totally out of the picture, but I think we are waiting to see if we can get the pain under control first and maintain that relief. My joint pain is under control pretty well, but it is the headaches that are killing me now. They are all muscular. THe valium was doing a good job, but I from my understanding, that is not the best med to be on long term.

Verry cool ratboy, sounds better than surgery and no reason not to try it.

I do wonder if it increases endorphins when the body slowly deminishes prodiction of natural pain killers when supplemented with opiates/ Some of us on opiates for years produce minimal endorphns , that's why wthdrawal also causes a huge increase in pain. We would have virtually nothing to combat any pain untill endorphin production kicks back in.

Hey Atti, sorry I mix up posters some times, not mix them up but can't remeber everyones surgical history.LOL

I know you have been through the TMJ mill which takes guts. A good story I can relay is my doc had a TMJ patient on fairly strong opiates. He had some type of replacement surgery and is no longer a CP patient. I can imagine the fact that the 10% of the folks or so that normal converntial surgery failed on can give surgery a bad name but It helps some. I know a guy that made a fast and complete recovery from a endoscopic discectomy. Most people do get better after surgery. We are just special ;)

I find Valium is hard to get from a reputable doc too. The reasons I have been told is because benzo's are amnesiacs, they prevent the formation of new memories which is a major cognative impairment. I think if a doc needed a strong muscle ralaxer, He would go straight to valium though. It works both on the brain and muscular skeleton system, where all others work on only one system.

Gotta sgn off. Hope you find the right relief.
Take care, are you still in masss? or am I totally confused? LoL
I know that it seems like dr's run scared if you ask for Valium. My dad has been on it for 30+ years for it for his back. He said nothing works like it does. He has been through the soma, flexeril and those types, but he said hands down Valium is the way to go for good, solid relief of muscle spasms. Here while back he gavce me 10 of his. I took one, twice a day, let me tell you.......I had 5 glorious days of NO muscle tension, headaches, or even the slightest spasm. It was almost as if I didn't have tmj. I just don't know how we go about getting them. I was thinking of asking my therapist today if he would switch me from Xanax to Valium. I have been on the same dose......same pharmacy for 6 years, he knows I am not abusing.....maybe I should have. I just get so weary of asking about meds period because of all I have been through being treated like pill popper.


I know what you mean. The valium did work well. But I am afraid after the horrible stuff I read about it on the TMJ healthboard.