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I was diagnosed with bipolar, I to have the same thing. Not able to sleep though. It's as if I can never just turn my mind off. At first they gave me Zyprexa. What they give schizophrenics, this made me insane. My psychologist told me it would make me feel like a rock to slow my mind down. But it made me feel like I overdosed on cough medicine, and like I was going insane. This is hell for me! My outlet is I read and write all the time. It's not just diary type stuff but lyrics,poems,stories some not too bad. But now they gave me a sample of Depakote to treat the mania in bi-polar. Actually I take my first dose tonight. It better work or not make me insane, the other stuff lasted for 2 days and only one dose of 10mg. Trust me I know what you are going through, feel like you just can't turn your mind off. I listen to Dylan alot, and that's what it seems like.
Sometimes I think I'm blessed with something and other times cursed.
"Just want to turn my mind off and float downstream" I hope this stuff works, I had mentioned taking Valium or Xanax but the doctor acted like I didn't what I was talking about. If this Depakote doesn't work I am going to demand it just to slow me down. That may be the only answer. Than living like this. I suffer Primary: Bipolar/mixed and Secondary: OCD (Obsesive Compulsive Disorder) But I am severly deppressed too, but they put me on nothing for that so I am sorta confused about that.
Maybe they just want to overmedicate me and throw me away. Some docs. just can't be bothered.