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Hi Rhody, I don't know what type of white fillings were used. I have recently seen a natural homeo. dentist, and he didn't seem concerned about the white fillings. If you could share with me/us what type of herbs, vegetables, fruits & teas helped you on your road to recovery, that would be the greatest way to start out my New Year. Especially if it helps. I am extremely sensitive to vitamins. No matter what type. I've tried them all. I can handle a little calcium, and vit. c. The rest gives me stomach aches. I have always had that problem. Do you drink coffee? That is probably a no-no. Anyway, so this morning I decided to have green tea instead. I don't know if that is one of the teas that I should drink. When you were sick, did you have this eye pain, heavy head, etc., pressure that I have?? What it feels like is if you had been up for days with no sleep. I can only relate it to the removal of the amalgams, it wasn't there before! Just my body had chronic fatigue. And I thought that was bad, but to have this head problem on top of chronic fatigue is too much. Also I take Wellbutrin and sometimes I have to take a valium to cope. (I've only been on Wellbutrin for 2 months) It would be counterproductive to be on these medications when I start the herbs and fresh fruits, vegetables. Agree? One last thing, you said to be careful taking the substances. How does one know the affect? I guess you don't, it would be the process of elimination, and keep notes on what seem to work and what didn't. Thank you so much Rhody.