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I haven't posted in a while, but after reading thru the thread of posts, I wanted to share an update with the hopes that it may shed light on other things, or help anyone else. I'm still suffering from lightheadedness, and Dec. 2nd will be a year. It's always a low-grade sensation, and I'm sorry to say that I'm used to functioning this way. But when my spells come on, they last from 20-30 minutes, and unless I'm at home, anxiety always accompanies them.

I've had zero success with western docs. My only "successes," however small and short-lived, have come from alternative medicine. There's a book called The Diet Cure, and in it, is a list of 48 very specific symptoms of adrenal gland exhaustion, lightheadedness being one of them.

The book recommends GABA (short for gababuytreaic (sp?) acid, the amino acid in our brain that's a natural Valium) for stress relief. There's a product out there called Stress Arrest, which is combination of GABA, Niacin, and a couple other things. It works the best, being that the specific combination of stuff, as opposed to GABA on its own, is optimal. I don't have my bottle w/ me, but a Google search could get all the necessary info.

Also, I recently went to see Dr. David Cohen, who lives and works in Brooklyn. He has a machine called the Bodyscan 2010, (again a Google search can give more specific info). The Bodyscan is hooked up to a computer, and you put your right hand in this velcro thing with small, metal circles. Anyway, it was developed over decades & based on Chinese medicine, and tests your body for over 16,000 things in 20 minutes, everything from pesticides, to vitamins, to emotions, to organ functions, you name it. I know this may sound bizarre, but it's legitimate, the machine itself costs $40,000. There aren't many docs in the country who have the machine, and I know that people from all over the world fly to see Dr. Cohen.

Anyway, I found out that I have fluke parasites that are causing an infection in my white blood cells, and most likely comprimising my liver and gallbladder. Interestingly, my liver and gallbladder ALWAYS came up in acupuncture & energy healing sessions. I've started some research on parasites, and it's daunting to say the least. I'm still not sure how everything is related, but am hoping that I'm getting closer.

Lastly, I'm planning on doing a month long colon cleanse w/ a product called Colonix. The testimonials I've read are amazing. I figure it can't hurt, and I'm sure that this past year of not exercising regularly, and constant stress, sadness, and anxiety re) my health have caused many toxins to accumulate in my body.

Well, thanks to whoever reads this, and hopefully someone can take something from it. I've missed out on too many things this past 11 months, and tonight I didn't feel up to going to a screening of a friend's amazing documentary. I want to end this soon, and my heart goes out to all ofyou who feel the same way I do. Take care of yourselves, and remember to take some time to relax and breath.

All the best...