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Over the last few months my health has declined. It started with mild occasional dizzy spells and tingling on the left side of my body. Last Monday on my drive home from work I got a major dizzy spell, everything looked funny and I saw black spots then the left side of my body went almost numb. I went to the emergency room and was admitted. The next day I was released. Since Tuesday the left side of my body is tingling and the left side of my face and left side of the back of my head is almost completely numb. I get the dizzy spells all the time whether standing, sitting or laying down. My CT scan was normal and I have an MR Angiogram set up for July 3rd. My employer made me go back to the ER last Wednesday and they told me there was nothing they could do for me, told me to go back to work. I called the doctor that discharged me on tuesday to get a valium for the MRI prescribed because I've had MRI's before (for my back) and I can't handle it without being drugged out. I went to the pharmacy and he called me in a prescription of Xanax.......not what I asked for. I don't need Xanax.... My doctor who knows me well is, of course, on vacation until the end of July. I should probably add that I've had medical problems for the last 6 years.... and have had some similar things happen to me but it never lasted or was as strong. I've been extremely tired for years and had part of my thyroid removed and am on synthroid for that. For a couple years my TSH levels have been fine but I'm still exhausted. My regular doctor is pretty convinced that we are dealing with some type of neurological disease. BUT, the only thing that he has done was prescribe me ritalin to help with energy. It has helped but now I am having all the numbness/tingling and dizzy spells. (I had them before the ritalin, just very mild). I know that I feel like I am losing my mind. I shouldn't be driving and I don't except to go to work and home but I work 52 miles from home. I am too stubborn to just stay home but there is a reason for that too. I am a single mother and I can't afford to stay home. I'm 31 years old and I feel like I'm about ready to keel over.