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Thanks for replying (again) Kamden. :) Yep..I had to ask for the MRI's. He said he didn't think I needed them but it was up to me. I had my husband try rubbing my neck muscles but I couldn't stand it. He said they felt hard as rocks. My daughter reminded me of when I went to the hair salon this summer and I couldn't stand holding my neck up over the rim of the sink. I had to tell the girl she had to hurry it up cause it was killing my neck. My daughter says maybe that is when all of this started. I'm not really sure but its a thought. Maybe that strained my muscles and along with always on putor etc...Do you think I should believe that neuro I went to??? I guess I will be more relaxed after the MRI results. The neuro even gave me a presciption for 3-2mg of valium to take 30 minutes before my tests. I am supposed to take all 3. He said he could tell how nervous I was just being in his office and thought the valium would relax me better then the xanax. Thanks again for taking the time to always respond. :)