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Im new here so hello everyone :wave: . I have had 2 surgeries c5&c6 with new bone and plates and pins... I am having trouble with my meds and hope you guys can help :) . I am currently on Lortab 10 Valium 10 and soma. I take them as prescribed then i start forgetting everything to the point that I dont remember anything. Can someone tell me what makes this happen or at least give me your opinion. Thanks
Different meds affect people in different ways. You are perhaps getting too much in the way of muscle relaxers. Valium is primarily and originally developed as a muscle relaxer. Soma is the same type of thing....I think you need to get off one or the other. At the very least, you need to call the doctor and talk about the problems. At any rate, if you go off the valium, I hope your doctor tells you to taper off, not stop suddenly.

Remember, this is only my opinion and does NOT mean it is written in stone. LOL.

Welcome to the board. It's a warm, friendly, helpful group and we are glad to have you, though we always hate it that someone else is in our positions.

Good luck,

I'd have to agree with Carol we all do react differently.

Both the Valium and the soma will give you fairly similiar results (I think valium works better though) so this very well may be the source of forgetting, too much of the same type of meds. I am not sure why someone would prescribe both if there's only one source or type of pain. Of course I've been known to be wrong.

You aren't per chance taking them at the same time and during the day? I'd give the doc a call and explain what is happening, chances are you'll either be taken off of one of them or one of them may only be used at night for sleeping.