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Please someone respond to this. I'm a 38 year old man who has history of panic disorder/anxiety. But past history although on occasion i still get these "mini" attacks. Just in the last few months i've been playing video games with my son on our PC. It seems that if we play for an hour or so especially after 11 pm or so when I try ro get to sleep afterwards I start to feel that dreaded panic attck come on. Does anyone know of any correlation between playing video games and possible panic disorder assotiated with it ? I mean its usually fun when we play and exciting so maybe my adreniline is flowing fast but actual anxiety attack afterwards ? I thought i was having a stroke last night and had to take some Valium just to calm down which really made me depressed today. I cant even tell my son cause #1 he loves it and 2 I'm just not sure its the games thats causing it...Please help