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Hi Guys,

Yes, the hypochondria is terrible. I'm 55 and have dealt on and off with this for decades. Here's what I've found. First of all, it all does seem to be a function of stress. You can deal with stress and you think you're doing fine, then the stress makes you feel a symptom, like a heart attack, or the stomach cancer or brain tumor, which I've all thought I've had. Of course, once you feel a twinge, then you start magnifying it and concentrating on it and then pretty soon the pain is worse and then you're convinced you've got the problem. And if it's been 6 months or more since the test that says you don't have the problem, then you think, well now the real problem is here because it could have actually started (or grown) since the last test. So, what we need to do is probably live in the hospital so we can be tested constantly. I'm laughing at myself here because this is the way I actually feel many times. Right now I'm coping with a pain in my chest that is more like a tiny pressure on the right side. It's been there for days, but there are absolutely no other symptoms that this. It is not related to exercise. And, yes, I've had thallium stress tests, ultrasounds, mri's, cat scans, all kinds of scopes, etc. Yep, done it all over the years. Amazingly, I'm as healthy as they come.

The question is how to deal with it all. Very often I'm tempted to do the various drugs. I did valium years ago, but got hooked on it and it was tough to get off. I won't do the ssri's. I think a lot of exercise seems to help get rid of the stress. I do find that staying very very busy is distracting. The more time I have to think and dwell on it, the worse it gets.

All I can say is that you are NOT alone. Here are the things I've thought I've had: heart attacks, heart problems, palpitations, missed and skipped beats to where I thought my heart would stop, brain tumors, stomach cancer, HIV, intestinal cancer, kidney cancer, eye tumors, sinus cancer, degenerated hips, etc. Now what are my real problems? Low bad pain and neck pain - aging phenomena. That's really about it! But I really do feel the pains the other times. So what are they really? Probably sinus hearaches brought on my stress, stomach distress brought by stress, esophageal spasm brough on by stress. But you'll have a hard time convincing me of this when I'm in my worry state.

The good news is that I have had many many long periods (a year or longer at a time) when I have no medical worries and am fairly content with things. You CAN get there and get back to the way it was before. It is almost impossible to belive this when you're full of anxiety, but really it CAN get better again!! Have faith and say some prayers.