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I had anxiety and panic attacks when I was in my 20's. I actually called 911 2times in one night. My parents thought I was on drugs for months cause I was acting weird and when I was about to have an attack the pupils of my eyes became HUGE! One of the paramedics that came out that night said that he had the same problem his was due to stress. The doc put him on valium and all was good. I ended up going to the Er 1 time I was blue in the mouth and cold as ice but my heart was pounding so fast and hard I thought it was going to actually burst out of my skin. Had the works done at in Er. EKG, EEG, blood tests ya know just to rule out all the negative things I am sure theat my boss was going to ask. 100% clean. Dr. said I needed to take life less serious or I was in for alot of hospital bills and people saying that I cry wolf.
Well after I knew I was not going to die each time my eyes felt weird I knew I was going to get a panic attack. I know that sounds odd but that was the start of it. My eyes got big. heart raced, started getting really hot then in the next second I was shaking and cold. Heart racing like above. I started going into a bathroom where ever I was starred into my eyes in the mirror while talking myself out of it. If I was at home I took a cool shower and concentrated on the water hitting my head and trying to follow it as it rolled down my body.
Took me about a year and I finially was able to break myself of the attacks. I just recently had one and I know what caused it...............the mother in law to be. if it was not for her I would have been panic free for I think about 6 years maybe 7 years.
I stopped keeping track. Hope you can find something to help you. There is always medications but imo that is just putting a band-aid on the problem. I know since I am trying to stop with the sleeping pills it's been years now that I have been taking them *sigh*