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NS says i have a ruptured c6-7 disc that has obliterated the foraminal canal and i have no reflexes in my right arm and numbness in 2 fingers on my right hand, the only option he gave me was to remove the disc from the front, put in a bone from a donor, and secure it with some sort of plate, i have never had surgery b4, never been put to sleep and i dont know what to do, when i was young my mother would have to drag me to the DR for allergy shots! how do you find the courage to trust these DR's? cuz im havin a hard time even though the NS is very reputable im just freaked out about the whole thing and im startin to feel like a bump on a log, have not worked for almost 2 months, cant do anything but eat vicodin and valium , i am scared to death but at the same time trying to hide it so my family wont worry, anyone know where i'm comin from? anything will help ty jaymz_ Michigan :eek: