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How long can it take to get better?

Hi and welcome....CL is quite right. There's just no way of knowing how long it will stick around. I know at least 3 people who got hit very hard initially and recovered completely in 6 weeks. Another, who used to be on these boards, had labs and then terrible BPPV all of which cleared up completely in 4 months. For me it's been unbelievably gradual in the recovery process. I'm probably 97% and in month 17.

Don't frett about the time span though. I did at first and caused myself needless amounts of stress. Remember it does go away first and foremost and you are not stuck with this for life. Take one day at a time and keep an eye on the anxiety sysmptoms that often come with this. I took the occasional valium when anxiety was bad to have a break.

Hang in there...all will be well.....Scott