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dose any one also have worse anziety when you take meds .i take anything and my anziety gets worse even atizan ,valium and if i try to take ssri the panic gos uot of control when i have panic attacs i,ll take .25mg of ativan it will help control panic but anziety is worse i have anziety 24-7 and have for years now it will be very bad for months then not so bad for months 7 years now 31years old male it all started when the dr.s put me on seizure meds y dont know didnt have seizures was panic stoped after 6 years and for 7 months i was normal then started once agian so i started on ativan .25mg a day and now anziety all the time but cant stop the ativan get dizzy spacy and so on any advice would help eat good exersize all that kind of stuff
your ativan dose is too small and needs to be taken more than once a day
by siezure meds do you mean clobazepam? this is a valium type med thats sometimes used for siezures, its also good for anxiety
learning to relax and getting more exercise will relax you