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[QUOTE=Hating glasses]My biggest issue will probably be with the suction thing. I have a huge issue with others touching my eyes. But, I find that I am determined enough to have it done if I am a candidate (I was supposed to find out tomorrow but due to unforseen events, have been rescheduled for Wednesday) so I think I have actually mind over mattered myself into giving up this ridiculous case of the willies that the very thought of someone, other than myself, touching my eyes gives me.

You sound exactly like I did till 3 years ago tonight (that's when I had it!). It hurt a little tiny bit, but it wasn't real pain, it was more like unfamiliar discomfort, and by the time I realized it, it was over.....

I was also told the left eye hurt more than the right. I asked why and they said they didn't know, that was just what most patients said. I couldn't tell much difference myself.

Another thing you'll need to "mind over matter" yourself for (or at least I did) was about 20-30 drops in each eye for about 2 weeks. Let me tell ya, until the procedure, I was the biggest wimp on the planet about drops going in my eye! I was at my eye doctor about 2 weeks before I was to have it done, and he tried putting drops in to dialate my eyes, I almost squirmed right out of the chair! I just had to keep telling myself "Self, you HAVE to have these drops after the surgery. If you make it thru the surgery then can't handle the drops, BAD things will happen." But at the procedure, they put so many drops in my eyes while I was on valium, that it made me realize that nothing bad was going to come from the drops.

It does smell weird though. I didn't notice it so much during the procedure because of the valium, but for a month or so afterwards I'd get a whiff of it. No one else could smell it though, except for just a few hours right after it.

I could see as soon as they sat me up though. It was awesome! I went from legally blind to near perfect in 10 minutes! When I went for my one day follow up the next morning, I was seeing about 20/50, and by about a week later it had improved to 20/20. It was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself. I have no regrets whatsoever.