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Please I need some words of encouragement. for the past two days I have been feeling anxiety and a bit of panic..I feel this feeling like i want to scream or do something...like i cant relax. Like I said in my other thread I was put on a benzo ( type of valium) I took it for three days and then stopped it....I now feel anxiety but i dont want to take the meds cause i dont want to get addicted....i feel like i am going to pop ...what can I do .
is this anxiety or ...??? i dunno i am a bad hypo and have anxiety but at times i think Is this really anxiety i am feeling?
My panic and anxiety started at 16. I have taken diazapam for many years, 5mg per day. I'd rather be addicted to this than suffer a life of hell with the panic and anxiety. Its like people with seizure disorder have to take their medication(which can be addictive) or have seizures. Maybe in time your attacks will subside. As long as you stick with a dose that works and don't keep increasing your ok. I trust valium more than the newer meds, example Xanax, as its been around a long time and has proven its safety. Just watch the dose. :)