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Is not working :rolleyes:

In Oct. my right upper cuspid started to hurt, went all the way up to the corner of the right nostril. Ok, dentist says looks fine, the bicuspid next door has some recession, so that may be what you are feeling. The tooth pain went away, I stopped wearing the guard at that time. But the weird nose pain is still there, and I get a tingly feeling on my nose, like when you've had a nerve block done for a filling. My M.D. pushed on the area and said it's my tooth :rolleyes: back to the dentist in Dec. another x-ray, same thing, looks good. Started to wear the occlusal guard again. After about 2 hours upon waking up, my jaws and cheek hurt, and my cuspid is flaring up again. So, anyone think an NTI would help instead of a full guard? The valium doesn't help me out really, so why bother taking it. I'm tense all the time. My shoulders and neck feel like I was hit by a falling tree from being tense. The bridge of my nose feels broken, I don't know if this is a seperate thing or if it is related. So hard to tell. My dentist is a pretty conservative guy, hasn't wanted to grind on my teeth, just the guard. I want someone to help me figure this out so I can feel better again. Ears, sinuses, cheeks and TMJ area, oh, don't forget the neck and shoulders are all doing something horrible everyday.