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I suggest you print out your post, take it with you and ask the psych to read it

your situation is common, some never find an antidepressant that works for them and rely on xanax or other valium type meds, as you say, there is the risk of needing to continually up the dose

psychs all have their own attitude to meds , some are very antibenzo and insist on an antidepressant only.

also write a list of questions to ask the psych, tell the psych how nervous or anxious you feel, and how many xanax you took that day, we often become good actors and appear much more calm than we really are, fooling out psychs, etc.

get some books or tapes on overcoming agoraphobia or panic disorder, these have lots of useful advice, some are written by ex sufferers

stay with us and read the other posts :jester: