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I ate the same amount of food while on Remeron and gained weight- so I disagree. Likewise, I think certain antidepressants like Anten (Doxepin) cause an increase in appetite, so you gain weight, so that part I agree with. Seems all this stuff that hits histamine does that big time- good, I need it!

I get by on my agoraphobia, but usually need someone to be with while doing activities. Maybe this new combo of meds I'm trying will elimate that. I've been messed up with it before, just for it to suddenly go into remission all by itself.

I'm off of Remeron- trying Anten, and trying to switch from Valium to Klonopin-what's worse- think I'm bipolar too. Klonopin seems to help agoraphobia and stabalise my mood out. The BP thing is just theoretical- not 'an official' DX of it.

Happy 4th of July- "Freedom"....would be nice.

Andrea :wave:

Quote from hry33:
its always difficult to get agoraphobia sufferers to come to meetings, but phone contact is easier
antidepressants dont cause weitht gain, you gain weight by eating more and/or exercising less