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I am so sorry you have to go through this very familiar story. I have been there and back with my TMJ. I swear my previous surgeon must have said something similiar to the next doc he passed me off to because when I went to see him, he took me off my Norco 10 ( which was barely working) and valium and put me on high doses of ibuprofen and gave me vicodin 5/500 and acted like he was doing me a favor giving it to me. He DID NOT listen to any of the meds I had tried, treatments I had tried, nothing. He had his mind made up before I walked in the door. I walked out of there in tears. He took a simple xray - which with TMJ will show absolutely NOTHING. I had had 4 surgeries on my jaw in one year - bad enough for that, but not bad enough for any kind of pain medication - go figure. What I finally ended up doing was leaving the area to find a doctor. I had to get out of this circle of docs where I was living. I know it sounds drastic, but IT WORKED! Before I even saw the doc, I had an MRI and a CAT scan, something my old doc refused to order, saying it was not necessary. I think he did not want to know the surgery he performed had failed. When I finally did get the MRI, it showed the joint was really a mess and I felt very validated. The source of my pain was found. Unfortunately there is not anything they can do to fix it, but at least my new doc is willing to give me adequate pain medication and has been willing to try different medications and different doses. I think we have finally found a good mix as I am feeling alot better. Maybe this could work for you. Sometimes just getting away from the circle of docs you have been with helps. New eyes, new perspective on things. Good luck to you