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I know this has already been mentioned here but I just wanted to relate my situation and if it can help anyone, great!
I was having the restless legs mostly at night watching tv, not a big deal, didn't keep me awake at night or anything. Then a few months ago I started getting it quite badly during the day at work sitting at my desk. It was very uncomfortable. I was constantly having to stand and walk, stretch, bounce my legs under my desk, bascially it was starting to drive me crazy!
So I spoke to a Dr. who works at my company and he said it sounded like Restless Leg Syndrome. I quickly looked this up on the internet and did some reasearch. I didn't much like what I found, that it is usually chronic, that many were trying parkinson drugs for it with iffy success! I was determined NOT going to get into taking those kinds of meds. Then I remembered my dad had this (deceased) and he had to take valium for it! Anyway, all the medical sites were talking about trying this and that drug with so so results.. Then I found a product claiming complete relief for it, called "Be Calm" on the internet. Problem was it said it promised complete relief but did not say what was IN it! So I called them and they told me it was just good old Magnesium! I thought there was no way it could be that easy. So I went to the health food store and got a liquid form of magnesium and calcium citrate together which equalled the same type of dose that the "Be Calm" was directing which is one tablespoon per day, about 300 MG of magnesium. Well, I bought this liquid citrate (flavored and tasty too!) and took it that night. Literally a couple of hours later I felt that my symptoms had diminshed to about 20% of normal. I took it in the morning (I took a teaspoon at night and in the morning) and at work all day, my symptoms were COMPLETELY GONE! I was shocked. I told that Dr. at my work about it and he said "well that's hard to believe, kind of embarrassing for the medical community isn't it?"
So now I just take a teaspoon in the am and the pm (If I take much more I get the runs) and I am completely symptom free, period! I have been doing this now for about 3 weeks and it is just a godsend! I keep wondering why people continue to try antidepressants, parkinsons drugs and other drugs that are pretty heavy and have some pretty nasty side effects, if they have not first tried the Magnesium?
If you have these symptoms, give the magnesium a try FIRST and if for some reason it does not help, try something more involved.

I would be interested to hear from people who tried Magnesium and did NOT get relief? Are there any out there the Mag did not work for??

Best of luck to all.. I am now truly a happylegs!
I know! It's sooo simple. It's a magnesium deficiency! I'm so glad you didn't get hooked on VALIUM. When people are using these drugs, of course it helps for a little while because they drugged, then they have side effects from the drugs or the drugs don't work any more. So sad that is.
I've heard from people who say the magnesium doesn't work it they don't take enough of it. If you are deficient you need more that 250 mg. Try 500 mg a night and if that still doesn't work, go up to 1000 mg and that should do it. And if it doesn't THEN go to a naturopath and find out what is going on with your body. Maybe you are lacking another mineral. But yes, how hard is it to just try magnesium? Some people think THAT's a scary drug or something. I don't know..
Dr.? ha ha that's funny. No my dr wanted me to go on valium. The dumbass. My naturalpath said if I had RLS that my magnesium level would be WAY too low. So he put me on 1000 mg. a day first. Then he did a hair annalysis and bld test to confirm it. 1000 mg did not feel like a lot but the right amount. Then after awhile I tried 500 mg and was fine so I'll stay on that for the rest of my life. Especially since I'm active. :)