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Dear phil,

Thanks for answering, I was hoping you would. You seem to have a lot of experience around here.

I was doing "pretty good" with exercise, ice, and aspirin. I do medical transcription from home and about a year ago, I started typing reports for a pain clinic. A lot of the patients are there for low back pain and a few even have the same condition I do. I thought, "wow, here I am doing "pretty good" and these people are on all these drugs and they are doing even better. Maybe I should think about trying to "do even better" myself. I was getting tired of being in pain and having some other stress as well.

Yes, I have used the meds as prescribed and have not run out early. But I have to honestly say that I do enjoy the "warm fuzzy" feeling too, but that is not the primary reason I use them. To me that was kind of a "bonus" and even part of the pain relief.

It is just that I read so many posts of people who start out legitimately and end up taking them for the wrong reason. How do you know when you are reaching that point or is it possible not to even get to that point.

The pain clinic I transcribe for seems to be a very above-board place. They do regular blood tests and blood work and hold their patients highly accountable. But they have people on, for example, morphine and oxycodone and Valium or a combination of Percocet and methadone. Is that legitimate?

It's very hard for me to believe in my mind that it is okay for me to be drug dependant. I know this is probably over cautious because of my past. But I feel I am either going to end up drug dependant or face surgery.

It used to be I would never consider surgery, but lately I am reconsidering. I guess if the surgery failed I would be no worse off really, just back to drug dependance.

My doctor and even my husband seem to think I worry to much about it and now you seem to be saying the same thing. It's just that been there, done that, didn't like that at all, and don't want to go back to that.

Thanks for listening.