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This is an interesting one.

After being off of Paxil for a little over a year, I suffered a relapse that came on while going through a divorce and my father being diagnosed with lung cancer. Up to this point I had not had a panic attack in four years. I could slowly feel myself loosing control of my nerves and all those old feelings just came rushing back.

Do you find that the symptoms come on after a period of stress? Mine almost feel like, for lack of a better analogy, a bucket of water. The bucket keeps filling and it can accomodate alot of water, but at some point it spills over. Silly...huh?

I went to a doctor right away (my usual doctor is not on my new insurance. Isn't that just how it goes). He put me on generic Paxil, 20mg, which was the same amount I took before. I anticipated the side-effects, which came as expected. The strange thing is that the side-effects wouldn't go away this time. The first time I took Paxil the side-effects went away after a month or so. I took the generic for five months and they just wouldn't go away.

I took Xanax about 10 years aga and a valium in the emergency room. Never again would I take medication like that. Not to mention the horrific withdrawal symptoms.

I took my self off the medication after five months. It's been about two weeks now. I've found that I am able to control my symptoms much better now and the side-effects have faded. My only real two symptoms at the moment are muscle tension in my upper body and every-so-often my head feels a little fuzzy. (Muscle tension in the scalp usually brings on the fuzzy feeling due to the blood vessels bring constricted.)

I get the light-headed feeling sometimes, fast pulse (although mine normally runs about 90), sweaty palms.

The two things that help me the most are...
- I've been through this before and I know it won't hurt me.
- I rely heavily on my religious faith. Devine intervention? I don't know. My faith just gives me a lot of comfort.

With the checking, with me it was mainly my pulse I would obsess over, I would make a conscious effort to refuse to allow myself to check. I would catch myself wanting to check and would stop and distract myself. Work around the house, use the computer, etc. This is part of using CBT. To stop focusing on the internal and refocus on something external. I would also repeat to myself, sometimes verbally "I know this is just my anxiety and checking again is not going to help. I know I'm ok".

I check alot too. My temperture, look at my throat, blood pressure. I'm trying to get better at indentifying what sets me off, and understanding that the anxiety inevitibly will follow but it's o.k.

Thanks for your input, it's interesting to talk to someone who understands this complex problem.