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Quote from jayboy557:
can you tell me which med works best to relax you. i suffer from ocassional anxiety and was wondering which med works the best. thanks, jason

Xanax does not reamin in your system very long so for occasional anxiety I would think its the best. However for chronic anxiety like mine the valium works better at it stays in your system for eight days. I tried Xanax but had to take it several times per day, valium only one 5mg per day and I can even go 2 to 3 days without any. I would check with my pharmasist as this is their area. I always ask mine before I taKE anything. I just don't trust doctors when it comes to drugs. :)
xanax for occassional anxiety......valium has groggy side affects where xanax doesn't. I think valuim is more addictive. I take 1 mg xanax a day and keeps anxiety and panic attacks at bay!! LOL
Sorry, not to make fun of it......xanax is the best for you!