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a properly adjusted beta blocker med will calm the heart, it wont cause a heart attack but 'heartattack' symptoms are common for anxiety sufferers

do learn to relax and stop worrying
the rest is probably all related to strtess and anxiety, ask doc, some valium type meds as needed will also help

try to ignore your heart, dont monitir it or tune in to it
Sounds like you're just having anxiety triggered by your break-up, and also just thinking about things to much and worrying. I know it sounds stupid to say "just dont think about it," but honestly... don't. Break-ups are hard for anybody, so I know what you're going through. I pretty much had all your symptoms exactly, but they weren't triggered by anything and depression/anxiety runs in my family so meds were pretty much my only option if I ever wanted to feel "normal" again.

Valium type meds could work out for you. If you have a night where you feel like you just can't get yourself to go out, they can help calm you down with pretty much the only side effect being drowsiness. Talk to your doc about them.