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Hi klonowafer :)

if you have the klonazepam wafers these were specially designed for panic attack sufferers to carry with them and to eat when a panic attack starts, tell us about them, do they disolve in the mouth or do you need to chew them

clonazepam (klonapin, xanax amd temazepam are all valium type or benzo meds, they are very helpful for panic attacks but theres the risk of coming to rely on them too much if taken all the time every day and night, there is an art in getting the dose right, many take too little or too much

the claire weekes book is good but it about 30 years old, she was a pioneer in treating and recognising panic attacks, ther are many modern books about overcoming agoraphobia and panic disorder, some written by ex sufferers, get some of these, they all have useful advice

panic attacks often do run in families, I know of no diet that makes any difference although I expect that an all junkfood diet may make it worse

naturapaths often confuse panic attacks with attacks of hypoglycemia and prescribe a special diet but this doesnt help panic attacks, check your blood sugar when panicky if in doubt as to which it is

massages for relaxation are very good and helped me a lot, for those who cant get anyone to massage them and cant afford to pay, jacuzzi spa baths, bubble baths, etc are almost as good

the traditional type of psychotherapy is nearly always useless, some psychs say the subconscious mind is throwing up the panic attacks as a defense to stop them doing their work :eek: