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sadly many docs have now been brainwashed to prescribe antidepressants only for anxiety and no valium or other benzos at all
he should try another doc, older ones are often more likely to prescribe benzos, he should stress his cronic anxiety and panic attacks and offer to take the benzo only as needed
he should also stress that he isnt addicted to benzos
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:) HI,
I think your husband is on the right track..............unless your hubby IS depressed, NOT to do the anti-depressant thing......Go back to the Doctor and really lay it on the line that he just needs meds AS NEEDED!
Also a suggestion is some therapy.....might help......
.............. Is that why you are on this board instead of him? :)

Thanks, Islandkate. Well, for now, he decided (I'm sure with some prompting from me--the health nut) not to try and change his brain chemistry with the SSRIs. I think it would just be a "bandaid" in his case, and the underlying "stuff" would still be there. We're going to find him a psychiatrist/therapist to help him deal with mental ways of decreasing his chronic anxiety and get something, like you said, for the acute times--as needed.

I've had anxiety all my life (anxious mother, too), so I know what it's like. I choose not to do meds (though I use valium to go to the dentist), BUT, I don't have work responsibilities anymore either (and anxiety is part of the reason I don't want to anymore). However, in the last year I've made great progress, and hubby sees the change in me and is willing to try it "my way", especially after seeing what drugs can make you feel like (I guess he thought it was gonna be a "magic pill").

I'm the one on here because he doesn't "do the internet", if you can believe that in this day and age! But, he doesn't hesitate to have me get online to do "research"--which I happily do because I think it can be a valuable tool and I love it.

Anyway, getting long-winded here :eek: So, I close for now......

and I thank all of you for your helpful, timely replies!

Best to you all,
LOL.....you sound like me at my worst. I was ALWAYS obsessing about my health, except that I was SO scared of doctors that I couldn't go....I just KNEW they'd find something. I could never even make an appt.....just thinking about it sent me running to a bathroom (diarrhea). That's why I finally needed valium to get to a dentist (went to one for a "consult" to tell her I had severe phobia of dentists, and she gave me the Rx....and I was able to go for first time in 20 years). If I could've made myself go to a doctor back at my worst, I'd be on xanax right now.....little did I know I could go "just" for anxiety--I just saw all doctor visits as something horrible, that's how irrational I was about it.

But, I agree with you.....I think (even with no experience on meds) that I'd prefer to do like you. Mind-altering drugs scare me....and even more so since seeing a normal husband almost lose his mind over the weekend due to Paxil (doctor has since assured him he had a very bad, abnormal reaction).

I'm still an anxious person, but not obsessively so like before. It was hard getting to this point. "Bad" habits are hard to break (and yes, the way you allow yourself to think is a habit), especially if you've been doing it all your life and you're now 42! I still battle with it and slip back because it's easier being that way. That said, however, I don't have a stress-filled life, except for that that I "create" myself.....so for people who have real outside stresses, I don't know how you handle it. I had the "luxury" of dealing with it at my leisure......

I have a friend on long-term xanax, and I've often thought of begging him for one :-) Anyway, I hope hubby can find a doctor that will give him an Rx for something like it. Glad you have a good doc!