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Hi Valleygurl,

I was scheduled for an injection today at 4:00 pm, but I'm sorta chickening out. I am scared to do it, and for the last 2 days my pain has been minimal. Did yours ever come and go at first when you started having all this pain? :confused:

Okay back to the ESI: I am the type of person that won't jump into anything until I have researched all that I can, and maybe that has it's good and bad sides. I searched for epidural steroid injection information on this website, and found a lot of different answers, and I have also talked to family and friends, and still different answers.

I believe (from what I have researched) that it helps some people, and it doesn't help others. Some people have side effects, and some don't, and then some people have pain with the injections, and then some don't. From what I also understand is that there are doctor's offices out there that will make this as painless and uncomfortable as possible. For instance my mother-in-law's experience was pretty good, and they gave her an IV with relaxation medicine, and she just said that she was sore the next day.

My brother had it done on his lower back, and they only numbed the area where they gave the injection, and he said that it was painful. Although he does suggest for me to get the injection anyways, because he said that it helped him for a long time. I would think that if you have tried everything else and you are in miserable pain then maybe you should try it.

I am waiting for my 2nd MRI results to see what the cyst in my neck is, because they said that they might have to operate, and that they will fix the disks at the same time. That's why I am waiting with the injection. (well mostly).

I would call the pain clinic, and ask how they do it, and ask them if they give you an IV or if they prescribe you muscle relaxers (Valium). Also ask what certifications or experience the person has that is given the injection, because from what I understand there are quite a few people that can give this injection: doctors, radiologists, anesthesiologist, and surgeons etc.....

Here are some helpful links: http://www.spineuniversity.com/public/spinesub.asp?id=67


I am so sorry that you are in so much pain! Bless your heart. :angel: