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I am so sorry you are going through that. It is normal to be scared sometimes but if that turns into uncontolled anxiety it is pretty hard to take. I know that for me when I am having an anxiety attack I can shake, cry, feel nauseas, sometimes not sleep at all. I went to my pcp about it and we came up with a plan. First of all I go to counseling 1 time in about 2 weeks. My doctor also said that she would like me to have an emergency low dose valium on hand in case I get into one of these attacks and can't find my way out. I try very hard not to use it and in fact haven't even filled the prescription since there is a 24 hour pharmacy down the street from me. It calms me just to know I have the option of doing something to control the situation rather than thinking I am helpless. If your doctor would be willing to come up with a plan like that it can really help. Sometimes life is scary but do the best you can...you are a good mom to worry about your son but take comfort in the fact that he is a healthy, happy little boy. Take care and good luck. :)