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I dont know what is making me so anxious. I had to quit my job of 23 years due to the panic attacks brought on I guess by a bad case of vertigo or inner ear infection. Not a very understanding boss-had the time coming even 4 weeks vacations not counting Family Medical Leave but after a month-job no longer available. I have dizzy spells 24/7-off balance and currently taking Valium 5mg 2x daily. This is suppose to help with the balance problems-dr. syas possible BPPV another MAV due to menopause and another has given up-told me to get counseling. Funny thing I was a Program Director for MR/DD individuals!
This has been going on for 6 months - spacey, foggy head, used to walk 30 minutes a day until about 2 weeks ago I had some type of asthma (?) attack after my brisk walk-it has happened twice. I cant get into the doctor until later next month.
Ibeen filling out job applications-but no luck. Trying to collect unemployment.
Had carpal tunnel surgery in December and couldn't file until released from doctor.
My husband (who is retired) tells me everything is going to be fine. I'm fine-I'll get a job soon. He doesnt understand-I'm afraid or terrified to drive long distances-I'm scared to go some places alone or being left alone in a different part of the store. I have this feeling of goose bumps from the inside -funning feelings all over my body-I thought I was getting better then it started again yesterday-jittery-cold feelings, jelly legs etc..
I'm sorry this is long-but I don't think I can go through this again. I feel like Ive been to H**L and half-way back holding on for dear life not to fall back into that pit of despair. Insurance payments are $1300.00 per month-doesnt include medication-husband's pension just barely covers. savings wont last forever-I'm afraid someone will call me for a job and I wont be able to leave the house or stay there and work. Doctor's dont understand-spouse doesnt only ones that are there or been there do. I would like to know how you all cope and hold a job?