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Hi Esmo,
My earlier attempt to reply got lost in cyberspace so shall try again with a new thread. My original surgery was acdf C5-7, my fusion failed at both levels and the posterior fusion was C4-7. I found the second procedure took a lot more out of me than the first time and based on my own experience think that 3-4 weeks is unduly optimistic for a return to work especially if you're in a collar. I had to wear a hard collar for 8 weeks, weaned off it over 4 weeks with a soft collar. During the first 4 weeks found I couldn't do much of anything even watching tv or reading - I had this fantasy of catching up on all the reading I haven't had time to do over the past few years, most of the books are still unread!

Pain wise this also was a lot worse. I required no narcotics after the first procedure, I was on percocet and valium for a good four weeks this time round. It was explained to me that this was because the muscles are cut which increases the pain experienced. It also has meant that rehab is taking longer than first time round. I also had a couple of levels decompressed which might also have added to the pain. Although the plan was to use hip bone he was able to use some of the bone from my neck with my bone marrow so that I woke up without a scar on my hip for which I am extremely thankful.

My scar is from hairline right down my neck and is barely noticeable. He did cut a small amount of hair at the upper end of the scar but in such a way that is was covered by longer hair and couldn't be seen.

Can't emphasise how much a good physical therapist helps in recovery both in regaining arm and hand strength and maximising neck movement. He also excellent at slowing me down and preventing me from trying to rush things.

Hang in there! Make sure you ask your surgeon all questions you might have and feel comfortable with his replies. I personally am very glad to have proceeded with the second operation even though I must say I was very scared pre op.

Hope this helps,
Best wishes,