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Sometimes my periods hit me hard, sometimes I get along ok.

Right now I am going through heck with it.

When it gets this bad I even get a little bit of OCD with it.
I saw a talk show where this guy left his car running all day
in a closed garage and it killed his wife.
I was laying in bed and heard a running noise and I had to go
check 3 times to make sure that my van was not running
(NOT like me).

The anxiety is awful.

There is a lot going on in my life right now and that makes it worse.
Not anything real severe, but my son is having surgery tuesday
to have a cyst removed.
Also things have been busy with all of us; basketball games, Church
activities, you name it, one thing after the other.

What can I do to relax? Just tough it out I guess.
I also take valium. I took 2 today and that seemed to help.

Guess I just needed to vent, and see how other people
deal with anxiety/OCD with thier "time of the month"