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thanks Art,
mine is actually a bit different, as it is a crown that is too short (actually the tooth under it is too short) and they need to remove some gum and bone (!!!) to lengthen the whole tooth. Today I went to see the periodontist and got a little freaked out. The words "surgery", "cutting gums" and removing some bone structure actually freaked me out. He suggested I could take some valium prior to surgery (would I really need that?) and definetely would need prescription painkillers after surgery. All very scary. But then, I am just a big baby and I know many people go through much worse.
Kitkat70, I'm just going to be straight forward with you. It sounds like you definitely need valium. If you are all worked up and anxious it will not make for a pleasant and easy visit for you or the dental staff. Dental staff may appear to cater to your fear but they dread patients like you. It makes their job much more than it has to be. If they have nitrous oxize then please request for it. Leave your fear behind and trust and have full confidence the periodontist is well trained and has performed thousands of the crown lengthening procedure.
Hi KitKat - I did have some good-sized pieces of gum removed from my front teeth. There was no need for stitches because the gums are still attached to the teeth and only the bottom edge is cut off.

Definitely go for the valium if you need to. I didn't have any, but then again I wasn't nervous - I was really excited by the possibility of having teeth!