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I had to quit my job four months ago due to severe vertigo / balance problems! Been through the MRI, C-Scans, blood work, antibiotics (for possible inner ear infection), ears cleaned, PT Balance lab and valium for "ear rocks" -BPPV plus exercises for the BPPV. Nothing has helped. Most days I feel "off" -balance-fuzzy headed, can't concentrate -light headiness -sometimes feels like I'm walking on marshmallows. Bright lights, sun shimmering through the trees while riding in a car, shining floors (store floors just waxed and buffed)-busy wallpaper or carpets give me difficulty at times walking. Eyes at times don't focus and have a flickering effect -like looking at a ceiling fan. Some computer screens make me sick-looks like they are flickering. I dont drink- never did drugs-but I think the feelings I get would be a so call "high"
Regular doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong-gave Xanax for anxiety and started Lexapro.-Bad side-effects with Lexapro-gave me nose bleds among other side- effects quit after 1 week.
1st neurologist gave valium .25mg 2x per day. Month later no chamge upped to 5mg twice day. Still no relief. Still says BPPV make take up to 6 months to go away!
New neurologist today says I'm having "mini migraine" headaches-common in women going through menopause. Wants me to take Depakote (seizure med) for two weeks and see if this helps. Has anyone ever heard of this? I am not too excited about taking a seizure medication-since I don't have epilespy. The side effects can cause liver damage and acute pancritis. My mother died of pancreatic cancer and I'm not too hip on the idea taking something that might mess with my liver. All you out there with inner ear disorders have any ideas or suggestions? I got to get a job-savings wont last forever and at $1100.00 per month insurance-it wont take long. Couldn't collect unemployment because I quit! I REALLY NEED SOME SUGGESTIONS! PLEASE